Young People’s Mental Health & Wellbeing
Young People & Resilience
Young People & Self-Harm

Workshops last 1.5hrs for up to 20 attendees and are delivered on your site. Prices available upon request.

Exploring self-identity & relationships
Appreciation of impact of common mental health issues
Improved mental health & emotional wellbeing
Increased resilience skills and coping with change
Greater emotional intelligence
Recognising, navigating and overcoming challenges
Building coping strategies for long-term wellbeing
Reengagement in education
Setting and achieving goals

These services run over six-week blocks to suit the academic calendar in weekly one-hour sessions. Upon completion, a comprehensive report for each student including measurable outcomes is provided to the school.

Introduction to Young People’s Mental Health
Understanding Anxiety & Young People
Understanding Resilience & Young People
Self-harm: What, How, Why?

Course overview:

- Essential knowledge & information
- Up-to-date research

- Young people’s perspectives
- Reflections on personal practice

- Practical support tools
- Signposting, where to next

Each workshop is 1.5 – 3 hours for up to 25 attendees and is delivered on your site. Prices available on request.

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