WIRED is a youth service which focuses on supporting young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing; through education, training and intervention.

The heart of WIRED is to provide early intervention and awareness to vulnerable young people and their wider community.

The therapeutic services we offer are delivered in Poole and surrounding areas.

It was born out of the clear need for providing an affordable solution to the ever-growing mental health needs young people face.

Our aim is to partner with schools and other settings creating a network which directly and indirectly supports vulnerable young people.

Through 1-2-1 support and therapeutic group work, our services directly impact the lives of young people such as LAC, Pupil Premium and those needing an extra boost.

By equipping and training others, such as school staff, youth workers and caregivers, we indirectly support the wider community in which young people participate.

As a registered social enterprise, WIRED is built on a sustainable business model for the long-term support of vulnerable young people.

At the forefront of WIRED is safeguarding and child protection. We adhere to all relevant policies and procedures and refer to other agencies when the need exceeds our limits of proficiency.

WIRED stands for:

Listening to young people’s thoughts and concerns

Breaking down negative mental health stigma

Creating safe spaces to explore ‘taboo’ topics

Busting myths and exposing truths

Embracing the ‘messiness’ of life

Sharing stories and valuing opinions